We have exceptional experts and projects supported by leading companies in various sectors:  Automotive, industry, aerospace, aeronautics and naval.


We design composite solutions for the world of racing, where the demand for performance and endurance is paramount.

Automobile industry

We excel in the innovation of composite materials for the automotive industry, from bodies to interior components. We offer solutions that improve fuel efficiency, safety and overall vehicle performance.


We develop lightweight, strong components for the aerospace and aviation industries, optimizing aircraft performance and efficiency. Our composite materials meet stringent standards for next-generation aviation.


We apply our expertise in composite materials to improve efficiency and durability in a variety of industrial processes. Our solutions address challenges at every stage of the industrial sector.


The use of composite materials redefines performance and creativity in sports design, promising new innovations to enhance the overall athletic experience.

Recreational Industry

Our solutions enhance the recreational experience by combining performance and attractive design.

Naval Industry

We develop composite technology for marine applications, providing resistant and efficient solutions in demanding marine environments.


We implement composite materials in medical devices and equipment, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. Our solutions contribute to significant advances in the field of healthcare.