Pro Series – Diving Fins + Bag

Developed for the least effort in diving, with the best results.

WEIGHT OF THE BLADES PER UNIT: Pro blade with T profile – 293 Gr. The weight shown may have some variations, between 5 to 10 Gr.


A revolutionary new design and structure of fin with variable blades, harder around the foot at the top and softer at the end towards the tip. The power and feedback from each kick allows for continuous fluid movement without any dead spots even during vertical assent, they offer the ultimate feedback of nerve and speed.


HYDRONAUT Carbon Fiber FINS offer a revolutionary design and engineered for the diver needs with high quality carbon fiber for ultimate energy transferring and top performance! The blades are manufactured in compliance with the most demanding and modern standards in constant ambient temperature and humidity.


Advanced VIP (Vacuum Infusion Process) technology is used in the production of HYDRONAUT carbon fibers blades, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade. Constant ambient temperature and humidity is used in compliance with the most demanding and modern standards. The blades are twice subjected under 12 hours post curing process in temperatures controlled to achieve the best mechanical properties.


Much attention has been paid even to the smallest details in the aesthetics of HYDRONUAT blades, including their high-end finish. The extraordinary mirror surfaces of our blades and embedded logo is HYDRONUAT unique difference. Modern and attractive designs are used throughout. We offer everything you need to fall in love with your fins. 4 models available to serve your need (BRASS, SILVER, GOLD and PRO)


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